The 5 Special places in Chicago IL

If you happen to ask those who have had a chance to visit various places in Chicago IL, then you will realize that Illinois is a place of wonders and there are justified reasons that have made it popular. Those who are fond of traveling and seeing what nature has to offer always get amazed by the many features, both natural and man-made, found in the area. In short, there are many reasons that have made Chicago IL popular. If you are planning to visit the land, the following are the 5 special places that you need to visit and the experiences will leave you being obsessed by the desire to go back and enjoy seeing the wonders of the land.

Burden Falls
Burden Falls is one among the best places you will ever find in the Shawnee National Forest. Although it is not the biggest waterfall in the United States, Burden Falls is among the tallest that you will ever find in Chicago IL. Photography and bird watching are some of the activities enjoyed at the falls, although you may also engage in fishing and hunting. The place is considered to be among the best as this is where you will ever find the most captivating experience as you enjoy watching the water falling from a height of 20 feet.

Chicago Harbor Lighthouse
Although Chicago has many good places, this one is considered the best place in the land as it is among the sights that you will consider as the most beautiful. There is no doubt that you will look for every chance to take photos of this beautiful sight. For a perfect photo opportunity, you can use a boat tour but you can still capture clear photos while at the city’s Navy Pier. Jane Addams Memorial Park and Milton Olive Park are among the parks neighboring the lighthouse and you have every reason to explore them before you leave.

Holy Name Cathedral
This is the only Cathedral found in Chicago IL and it attracts a lot of visitors from all corners of the world. It is the rich history of Holy Name Cathedral that makes many people have the desire to visit the site as that is where Hymie Weiss, one of the North Side Gang members was killed. In addition, it is just a few years since the interior of the church and the roof got damaged. It is from Holy Name Cathedral where the visitors come to learn about all the most notorious criminals in Chicago.

The town is the only national district that has been able to retain historical feels up to date. If you happen to visit the town, you will have an opportunity to see the Main Street blocks in Galena, where the French Colonial Buildings and the Greek revival lay close to each other. Galena is the most visited tourist destination in Illinois. This is due to the presence of the Historical Society and Museum and the Old Market House, which are the main tourists’ attractions that draw tourists into the town.

Chicago Riverwalk
Chicago Riverwalk is likely to be the most popular tourist destination in Chicago IL in a few years to come. Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza is the periphery of the Riverwalk, commemorating the brave heroes who lost their lives during the wars. The destinations grace is lit up by the stunning architecture, thus making it possible to visit at any time, even at night.

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