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Our bathtub refinishing company is based in Elgin. We have been in this industry for a while now and have the experience as well as the track record to prove it. We have done dozens of refinishing projects over the years and have established a foothold as the leading bathtub refinishing company in the region. Our massive growth to the top results of word-of-mouth recommendations that our happy customers make to their family members and friends.

We help our customers save money with our shower tile refinishing and bathtub reglazing services, which means your bathroom can be renovated without having to spend excessive amounts of money on your remodeling project. We have assisted hundreds of residents in Elgin to finally get the bathroom that they had envisioned without needing to pay a leg or arm for it or break the bank.

Renovating your bathroom by removing the existing shower tiles, bath, and other porcelain/ceramic surfaces can prove to be extremely labor-intensive and not to mention costly. Our expert team of professionals use special techniques and tools to thoroughly clean surfaces and refinish or re-paint them to meet your preferred taste.

If you are interested in fiberglass tub refinishing, iron tub refinishing or shower tile refinishing, we are the team with the skills and experience to do the job right.

Our specialized bathtub refinishing services have been developed to breathe a new life into your bathroom without the monumental investment of remodeling. We use the latest expertise, solutions, and tools to take your outdated bathroom and modernize it with a chic and contemporary look despite being vintage.

That being said, let us take a closer look at some of the services we offer. Next time you type "tub refinishing near me" into Google, be sure you look over our amazing portfolio of before and after bathroom projects.

Bathtub Reglazing and Tub Refinishing Elgin IL

Bathtub Reglazing Chicago

We utilize an extensive selection of industry-leading expertise, tools, solutions, and experience to assist you in refinishing and reglazing your bathtub, breathing new life to a dated tub. We know how expensive tubs made from cast iron can be and so, giving it a new look by simply refinishing it makes sense. Give your tub a 21st century look without breaking the bank.

We provide the same services for your trusty fiberglass tubs as well, effectively increasing beauty and longevity. This way, you will be saving money, get the most value for your cash, and play your part in helping the environment by not increasing demand for materials unnecessarily. An increasing number of individuals are becoming aware of all the benefits that bathtub restoration can provide them with.

No matter if your old tub is painted, chipped, or faded, we have the tools to fix the problem and make it look new. We will repair any chips and give the tub a thorough wash in addition to changing the glazing and applying a fresh coat of paint. Do you have a chipped old blue bathtub you aren't fond of? We have a solution! We can turn that eyesore into a classy and elegant white bathtub in a matter of hours.

Shower and Tile Refinishing Elgin IL

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Showers, tiles, and grout set up the perfect location for mildew, molds and fungal growths. This causes your shower to become dingy and discolored over time. If your bathroom is more than a few decades old, the problems can also include poor color schemes and aging tiles. This kind of project requires a little extra attention. This is where our expert team comes into play.

We provide tile and shower refinishing services that create a totally new atmosphere. This includes a completely clean and clear grout and tiles painted and polished to your heart's delight. Our company utilizes tools specifically designed for the job, meaning you'll have a shower and tiles that look like new in no time.

Our tile refinishing and shower services are designed to help area Elgin residents to enjoy a brand new shower without having to spend much time or money. That is why we are fast, efficient, affordable, and help reduce your impact on the environment. So what else is there to think about? do not hesitate to contact us today!

How Long Does the Refinish Last?

Bathtub Reglazing

With regard to bathtub reglazing, it's just a matter of preparation. Our team uses specialized products and equipment to give your existing bathtub a thorough clean and repair, ensuring that any dirt and soap scum is removed. We also ensure that any chips and cracks are attended to before proceeding to the next stage.

There are bathtubs where we utilize sandpaper for roughening up the surfaces so that the paints or finishing we are going to use have something they can latch onto. With porcelain tubs, we may need to use acid products in an effort to etch the surface to create a similar effect. Our preparation process is critical and will differ depending on the type of material that the bathtub is made of. If an area of the bathroom is not going to be resurfaced, it is covered up with protective material.

From there, we reglaze or repaint the bathtub using quality and durable products. We always take special precautions to ensure that when we are spraying paint that it stays in the right place and does not create a lot of dust particles or fumes. We use ventilation systems carefully to make sure any paint fumes are quickly extracted from the bathroom to minimize downtime.

Elgin Bathtub Resurfacing Process

Bathtub Repair

The typical refinish can last for a number of years with proper maintenance and cleaning with high-quality products that we can recommend. If you take good care of your bathroom after it has undergone shower refinishing or bathtub reglazing, the refinished surfaces can last an extra 10 to 15 years. You do need to keep in mind that although the surfaces might look brand new, the materials underneath are old than they look, so make sure to properly take care of them after your refinishing project is complete.

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